Theme in Huck Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has plenty of themes in it.
constant running away, ie Huck and Jim running escaping capture several time.
struggle between freedom and slavery, ie Jim the runaway slave seeking freedom.
Hucks desire to escape civilizations restraints, ie when he left Miss Watson and the Widow Douglass at night.

feel free to add any other themes you see in the novel.



3 Responses to “Theme in Huck Finn”

  1. You are right to say that there are alot of themes in Huck Finn. Although i found a website that has a few questions about Huck Finn that are really good. It is posted on the main page.

  2. On this website, if you scroll down to “Major Themes”, there is some good information.


  3. my favorite theme is the theme of seeing people for who they are….it couldnt have been shown any clearer (jim and huck)

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