The Value of the N- word

This page is to discuss the depth of the word, “nigger” and the way it is used in Huckleberry Finn. The use of “nigger” in the time period of Huck Finn was refered to as a “non-person” or just a “product”


7 Responses to “The Value of the N- word”

  1. Page by Maddie 🙂

  2. The word is used for emphasis. The book would not be the same without it. This word brings out a lot of emotions in people, and Mark Twain knew that when he wrote it. He is trying to make an important point about slavery, and he could not do that without using the word. We must also remember is that was the only common word used to refer to black people in that time period. So it would be unrealistic if the author did not use that word. I surprised myself when I read this book because I really didn’t think twice when I read this word in the book. I think it’s because Twain takes you back to the 1800’s, and it just seems natural.


  3. well, like taylor said, there is almost no word that is more degradding for a black person to feel at that time than “nigger”. Instead of saying their name or even “him”, that used the n word the same as saying “chair” or “book”. It took the humanity out of the african american. – brad

  4. The n-word also reveals the compleate lack of respect that white people gave blacks or even awarness of any feelings that black slaves had. Tenley

  5. When I read the book I did find myself getting hung on that word quite a bit just because I really dont hear it that often. Since the word was common back then I dont think that people (white people) really thought twice about it being there. However now it is a big part of how we analyze the book. We know now how offensive the word is to african americans and we can now understand how much of an impact it has on their life. In the poem that we read in class the only thing the little boy remembered was the white boy, that he smiled at and was nice to, calling him that. This is a good representation of how strong words can be.


  6. the word is obviously used for emphasis but i had a hard time reading it. after about the 5th time i wanted to stop reading the book. i find the word degrading and humiliating to not only the black community but to anyone else who uses the word. to stoop down to such a low level is very embarassing. Ashleigh

  7. it shows that people treat them like crap and like a object instead of a person

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