The Notice

I don’t know if ya’ll remember this, this is like second day school conversation. But do ya’ll remember discussing the very beginning of the novel? at the very beginning even before the first chapter, Mark Twain puts a Notice to all the readers. it reads-

“PERSONS attempting to find a motive in this narra-tive will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.”

What do you think was the reason why Mark Twain Added this to the Beginning of the novel?  

Was it effective? What type of Tone would you say this is?


5 Responses to “The Notice”

  1. I guess I will comment since no one else will…
    I think the reason that Mark twain Put this at the front of his book was to make the reader think. He Was actually trying to use reverse psycology. I think it was obviously effective because look how many people have read it and anotated it! WOW it deffintally worked in my opionion.
    THe tone in this, sentence, is I would say either sarcastic or ironic because you have to so everything he says to understand what he is trying to say, ya know?

  2. In the movie, when they were talking about how the book was banished and thats when they knew that people would buy the book out of intrest to see why it was banished. This is what twain was thinking when he wrote the notice. The notice intrested people and got them to want to read the supposedly bad book. Tenley

  3. The notice is good and all and uses reverse psycology and junk. But how effective was it really? I mean do you not remember how many people actually read it, I did not even know it was in my book! If most of us did not notice it, then how do we know if people back then noticed it and were affected by it.

  4. i remember talking about this. the statement is very sarcastic – like “introduction to poetry.” twain tells the people they will be shot if they read it, but of course that gets people to want to read the book even more – reverse psychology! i will admit when i first read the book i did not read the notice but i went back and it made me very interested. Ashleigh

  5. its all sarcastic……he seems to be a pretty sarcastic guy. and well this just makes you look for the things it asked you not to look for a little harder

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