Symbolism of Huck Finn

what things are probably symbolizing other things in the novel? since theres obviously a hidden meaning relating to slavery and various other things. how are they depicted?
ie the Mississippi River as freedom, the only place where Jim and Huck find any peace of mind.

(where i got the river=freedom)


4 Responses to “Symbolism of Huck Finn”

  1. Ok so just brainstorming here so don’t laugh if my ideas seem cheesy. But maybe the raft also symbolized freedom, or safety. They seemed to freak out alot when they couldn’t find it sometimes. Actually i am kind of having a hard time finding symbolism in this novel if its not alrady tagged by satire. Let’s just say it is defiantly not bubbling over with symbolism.

  2. well it seemes as if the raft, along with the river, is a safe haden for huck and jim. they always are in a panic to escape from something and once they hit the river, everything gets peaceful again. – brad

  3. Another example of symbolism could be the land, which could symbolize slavery…in contrast to the river, a symbol of freedom. For example, when Huck gets on land, he begins to worry about if someone will find Jim. And usually they tend to want to leave the land and want to get back on their journey.

  4. ok sooo i think that the river shows the walk of life…and the turns and bumps show the obsticles that we all face in life

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