Huck’s Hero Journey

I am making this page to help us study for our test since our essay is over this topic. Please elaborate on this as you read it, so we can all help each other study for the test essay.

stages of the Hero’s journey:

1. Call to the journey: Huck decides to escape from his dad who is hiding him in the woods. Pap is always mistreating Huck, and Huck feels the need to break free. He saws a hole out of a wall of their cabin, and plans to break loose while Pap is sleeping. Instead, he ends up faking his murder while Pap is out of the house. He uses a hog’s blood and drags it around the cabin so he is sure to mislead other’s into thinking he was murdered.

2. Initiation: Huck’s initiation includes everything that happened on his journey (from leaving Pap to realizing Jim is a human).

3. Rebirth: Huck’s rebirth occurs, i think, when he realizes that Jim is a person, and he knows that through realizing he cares for his family just like a white man would. He realizes that even if he will go to Hell, the best thing to do is to help Jim be set free.

4. Return: Huck returns back to the Widow Douglas, since Miss Watson and Pap have both passed away.

PS: please elaborate on this.



8 Responses to “Huck’s Hero Journey”

  1. haha!!! kaci i agree totally with what you were saying. . the initiation part is alittle tricky! I think it is the trip that he takes with Jim down the river. Huck ends up seeing him cry alot for his family, during this trip. This shows that Jim really does have emotions, and Jim is a real person! Its just the trip on the boat with jim that allows huck to have this rebirth. Thats my opinion, but yall can totally tell us your point of view on this too!

  2. Thank you Kaci, I think that this is really helpful for us to study for our test. But I also think that he is not only escaping Pap but also the socieity and all of humainty and their expectations of young boys at that time. Maddie.

  3. Tom’s aunt Sally says that she will adopt him and civilize him, so i don’t think that he returns to the Widow’s.
    just my view

  4. I think this is awesome! I know this will help alot on our test tomorrow!! I kind of agree with devon though, I am not quite sure that he returns home to the widow douglas. I think a couple more initiations could be when Huck stays at the Grangerfords and the shepherdsons. Also another innnnntiatoncud be living and working with the duke and the King, and learning what is wrong from them.

  5. Eventhough Huck stays with Aunt Sally, I don’t think that he is willing to be civilized. “…Aunt Sally she’s going to adopt me and sivilize me and I can’t stand it. I been there before.” (p.293). I think that Huck will never be satisfied with being civilized even after living an uneasy life on the river. Tenley

  6. i agree. throughout the novel we see that huck just does not fit in with the rest of society. and for all of you who have read tom sawyer, huck just does not blend in with civilization. – brad

  7. thank you kaci this helped so much, only wish i had known this much before hand. I agree with all and i am a little unsure about th ereturn but hopefully ill figure it out before tomorrow! or i will a huge problem! haha! and the initiation could be more specific in many ways, too many that i dont know and take to hard to explain. i also agree with the rebirth, because that is when his view on blacks completely shifted. way to go kaci!

  8. alright guys, i talked with mr. green after school, i guess aunt sally is the one who adopts him and is going to civilize him, but he does mention going home to get the 6,000 dollars. so i’m still unsure about that. but the initiation is everything he goes through, and he said to be detailed on it, so heather is correct about his stay at the Grangerfolds and the Shepherdsons. Also i think we could include many more events. Like tricking the guards to help Jim pass through to what they think is Cairo, also when Huck realizes “you can’t pray a lie”. The shipwreck where they gather many supplies, or the house where they found a dead man who is later to be identified as Pap. there are plenty of events to fill in there.


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