Huck’s Final View on Civilization

So at the end of the novel Huck says that he wants to escape from civilization, but through out the rest of the novel he mentions several times that maybe civilization is not so bad. So, I’m confused, does anyone have any ideas on what his final view may be? This page is for it!



5 Responses to “Huck’s Final View on Civilization”

  1. i think that huck decides in the end that he likes civilization. like after his rebirth, he decides he might as well take advantage of his blessings basically. he would rather have a family (like jim has a family) and go to school that be out on his own in the woods and be a loner. so he returns to civilization because it is the best thing for him. riley.

  2. i dont know if he says that but i know that he does say the the three of them (Huck, Jim, Tom) were going to go onto a two to three week adventure in the woods but Huck says that he’ll leave a little early – so he is not trying to escape but is just leaving a little early for the adventure

  3. devon, actually he does say that but not in those words. on the last page he says, “Aunt Sally she’s going to adopt me and sivilize me and I can’t stand it. I been there before.” that is the very last line in the book, and that is what confused me so much. But is there really an adventure? Or just maybe not an excape but little get away or something. i dont know

  4. i think Huck realizes that civilization is right, but he just does not want to deal with it all the time. He realizes that it’s a good thing to be civilized, but it’s a hassle trying to play by the rules all the time.

  5. i agree with kaci… he believes its right but he believes he doesnt need to follow it because he has done just fine without it

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