huckleberry finn era

huckleberry finn was written in 1884 after his novel tom sawyer in 1876. i think the timing the novel came out was extrememly important and had alot of impact. if it were written a couple of years ago it would probably barely make a dent in society. what do yall think? riley.


3 Responses to “huckleberry finn era”

  1. i definetly think that it would not have made as big of an impact because Twain wrote the novel right before the civil war and the emancipation proclamation. Slavery had not stopped whatsoever during that time period and today it is illegal. Twain’s ideas were groundbreaking and opened many peoples eyes to the true nature of slavery. Tenley

  2. i definitely agree. this book would be like us writing a novel on abortion or 9/11. of course we cannot fully understand what life on the mississippi was like because we were not there. however, mark twain was able to see what was going on as we can see in huck finn. we can explain to people what it was like on 9/11 but they will never completely understand. this book also cut loose american literature(i.e. dialect and grammer) authors never wrote anything like mark twain did. once huck finn was written a whole new way of writing and interpreting was unleashed. Ashleigh

  3. totally agreee…the time is everything in this novel…it wouldnt have any meaning

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