Huck Finn Video

Why do you think Twain set down the novel, “The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn” for so long and then after traveling on the river for the first time in 2 years?

like the movie said, it’s because Twain realized the horrible failures of freeing slaves.

Mark Twain lets Huck tell his whole story, which liberated American literature.

I think that Twain was right in using the n-word, because back then it meant a non- person, just a product. So in this book, they took a black person and made him a human being just like the white men.

please feel free to elaborate on any of this as well



9 Responses to “Huck Finn Video”

  1. I agree with whaht we descussed in class about the use of the n-word! It really brings a ton of meaning to the book that you couldnt replace by using a more suitable word that makes people feel alittle more comfertable reading. Sometimes putting people of the their comfert zone will allow that book to make an impact.

  2. by the way that respons ^%^^^^ is mine!

  3. I think that Twain put down the novel because he still was not sure how he felt about slavery until he went down the Miss. River

  4. I think Twain set down the novel maybe because he started loosing touch with the slavery issue and wanted to expierence life on the Mississippi. Maddie 🙂

  5. About the n-word, I think your right Jill. The story definetly could not have the same impact because it was the true way that people treated black slaves during that time. Tenley

  6. Also since the word is so harsh and cruel it really effects the tone of the novel. Tenley

  7. i agree completly with the person above me. if twain hadent have used the n-word, it wouldnt have the same effect. people wouldn’t have been so shocked and seen how seirous it is. the word negro is pretty much a polite version so people wouldnt get the same meaning of how cruel white people were to black people and call them names just because of their different skin color. riley

  8. Maddie and Tenley,
    in the huck finn video it said that the book was suppoused to be a story reflecting Samuel Clemmons life as a child. But then when he was going down the river writing a book called “life on the missippi’ or something like that, he saw the slavery or somthing else that made him toss the old version and write the huckleberry finn we know today.

  9. I think that Twain Set the novel down because he might have thought that the problem of slavery had died down and it was not such a horrible problem. But it was obvious that it was exactly opposite of that when Mark Twain went back down the Mississippi again two years later and started writing the book again. Luckily Mark Twain was so into impacting the culture that once he realized that there was a problem he went straight to trying to open the eys of the people. Instead of sitting back and being stagnent.

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