Huck Finn Origininal Pictures

Huck Finn Picshuck07.jpghuck05.jpghuck05.jpghuck03.jpgHuck Finn PicsClick on the link: to see the orinigianl pictures that were in the first edition of Huckelberry Finn.

These pictures were created by Edward W. Kemble who was an aspiring artist whose career skyrocketed after reciving the commission from the book’s sales.  Kemble was born in Sacramento, California in 1861 and was the son of a newspaper publisher.

I have also included three pictures of what the pictures looked like in the text, they were placed throught the text.  To see “huck05” just click on the little box.

Devon Finninger


2 Responses to “Huck Finn Origininal Pictures”

  1. i love these pictures alot. they really set the mood for the book. the characters look so realistic. it is exactly how i pictured them in my mind when i read the novel. riley

  2. o man! that looks just like what i pictures mrs. watson to be!!! strict, ugly and a bible hugger

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