after watching the film in class the other day, i realized what drastic effects the novel had on america. Mark Twain’s book was even banned from public libraries. in huckleberry finn, twain shows the relationship between a young hick white boy and a slave black man, jim. as the book progresses, the two develop a friendship and huck even says he would go to hell anyways for helping jim and decides not to turn him in. once the book was published many of american’s views changed on slavery. some agreed with twain that black people are people too and equal. yet, many were angry and rejected everything. if it weren’t for huckleberry finn i believe america wouldn’t be the place or culture it is today. riley


One Response to “EFFECTS OF THE NOVEL”

  1. haha hey riley i totally agree,, , many people didnt agree with this book but it still was a succcesss and i think that God had twain write this book in this time period so that it might change a few opinions on slavery…

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