Characterization of Jim

Jim’s personality an character may seem simple because of his low diction and bad grammar, but Jim actually fills Huck’s mind with many complex and deep thoughts. These questions will change Huck’s veiw of Jim as a person.


10 Responses to “Characterization of Jim”

  1. This page was made by Tenley!

  2. I agree with the fact that Huck’s view will change because he sees Jim as a person. I dont think that Huck’s overall thought on slavery as changed, just his thought on Jim. He still does not see the complexity of slavery and the blacks.

  3. I believe that Jim is the wisest person in the novel. He knows the importance of family, and he is right when he says that he doesn’t understand all of the violence that people do against one another. Most of the violence that goes on in the book is senseless, such as the family feud between the Grangerfords and Shepherdsons, and when Boggs is shot by Colonel Sherburn. The only irrational thing that Jim does is believe in superstitions. To me, it is very ironic that Jim (an uneducated slave) is the most sensible and Tom (an educated white boy) is the least.


  4. also, Jim is the novels hero. he really surprises huck when he tells him that huck is his best friend. and the times when huck could hear him crying at night. its really sad and it changed huck. he realizes that black people have alot in common with white people and are the same, just their skin color is different. riley

  5. Taylor,
    remember that Jim or his parents were from africa and that is what they belive over there, that is what he was brought up in and hence what he belives…to clarify the point, many christians are brought up as christians, if you were born in the middle-east you probably be Islamic…so it is not all that irrational.

  6. Jim was a very well characterized in the novel. though he is depicted as the lesser class of the time period he is shown to be just as human or even more human than the white slave owners. Jim, though superstitious, is a very sensible character who arouses sympathy when you read how he cries in the night, how he worries about Huck and even calling him his best friend right when Huck is contemplating turning him in as a runaway slave.

  7. Although Huck changes his mind to save jim and not nab him, Huck does not think what he is doing is right. Huck still thinks that he is doing wrong because he said was like “all right then, I’ll go to hell.” If huck said this, then that means that He can’t beleive what he was doing is right. Its like me deciding weather or not to eat a peice of chocolate cake. I know its bad for me but If i eat it doesn’t mean that it is justified. This all really relates to what we are talking about in apologetics right now.

  8. HEY!! I also found this link that Describes some Representations of Jim! I thought it was pretty cool. SO yeah alright here it is!


  9. hey here is a pretty cool picture i found of jim. its when tom wants to make jims escape more “romantic” so he does outragious things.

  10. Jim changed Hucks view basically on life…he really turned huck against society and made him reason on his own

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