Characterization in the Novel

On this page you can post anything about any Characterization in the Novel, from Huck, Jim, The Duke, to The King, Pap, and Widow Douglas! Also relationships with characters can be included also!

ex. Jim teaches Huck that black people are humans too. (But please be more in depth!)



4 Responses to “Characterization in the Novel”

  1. I think that Pap gives Huck a good example of the way not to live. He gives him many reasons not to treat people the way he does. No one likes pap and no one has pap’s back. even though its not a positive influence on Huck it still is an influence.

  2. Not only was pap an example of what not to do in life he was also an example of the many views other people in that time period had on government and slavery. I promise you pap was not the only one out there that has these views. I’m sure that when people read this back then, saw how he was acting, and then realized they were believing and saying the same stuff, it was probally a huge eye-opener for them. It’s amazing the many things Twain reveiled to the american people in just ONE novel.

  3. here is a link to a site on the characterization in the novel which might be of some help to those who need it.


  4. Huck is characterized in the novel as a shrewd, fairly uneducated, misfit who doesnt neccessarily enjoy being restrained from his natural habits.He disliked schooling, was confused about the Bible and what things you prayed for. Under Paps control he is confined to a log prison where an abusive father comes and beats you, naturally he would want to escape that which he doesnt really like or enjoy. Yet in the end under his own kind of self ruling he helps Jim and goes back to the Widow Douglass to try out civilization again, showing that he isnt exactly unreasonable.

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