Affects on American People

hey you can comment on this page of what you think or know what affected the people the most that read Huck Finn!



8 Responses to “Affects on American People”

  1. it really shocked the american people because of many things, the use of the n-word, the way jim is treated by huck, and the use of colloquial language really made an impact

  2. The Intresting thing about this book is that when I first read it, I didn’t really see it as a book that brought in a new era or anything of the sort. But After discussing it in class and watching that movie, and also discussing it on here I see that it really did have a huge impact on American culture. I guess you could say that this “opened the eyes” of the readers to see past race, religion, and see into a persons heart and really get past the outer layers that so many people judge. And see that All men are equal!

  3. This book really brought a new light to slavery. Most Americans and slave owners would never have even considered that their slave, like Jim, was an actual person or had any worth. Twain had a totally original and groundbreaking idea that has definetly affected America.

  4. By the way Tenley wrote the last comment

  5. Huck Finn really does have an impact on society in more than one way. The obvious is slavery, but also relgion too. The society and culture then was different than it is now. After discussing in class, I saw how “numb” and “used” to those slang words or any other type of segregation we truly are in our geneartion now.

  6. at first when i read it, it just seemed like another novel that an english teacher would assign. but after looking deeper into it, it said a pretty loud and clear message to america about slavery….and that message was heard. – brad

  7. for people now it shows us what it was like back then…but then it was a big contraversy

  8. ok sooo i forgot to say one thing… i think that it really turned peoples attention to the slaves and to the leaders who would show that slavery was ok… it put emphasis on those things and allowed people to open their mings to a new thought of FREEDOM!

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