The Duke and the Dauphin

This page is about the significance of the duke and the dauphin. What role do they play in the story and why are they important?        -Taylor


3 Responses to “The Duke and the Dauphin”

  1. the duke an the dauphin are obvious frauds, and huck sees that from the beginning. he decides to travel with them just for fun, but begins to start getting his morals lined up. he eventually hid the money that the duke and dauphin stole. he sees through them a future of fraud and stealing. – brad

  2. I don’t know if this is true or something i just made, but could they possible represent some views or some types of people in the 1800’s? I don’t know its just a thought

  3. i really dont know but i do know they are fake not worthy of praise that is given to them,… i kind of view the whole river trip as the road of life… you run into obsiticals in life and i view the duke and the king as those obsticles.

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