ok i have another post haha

ok so i came across this teachers guide website and i will post the link but first i wanna show a quote thats very interesting and kinda re-emphasizes what the mark twain video said but is none the less remarkable: “Ask your students: why does a writer who holds these views create a narrator who is too innocent and ignorant to challenge the topsy-turvy moral universe that surrounds him? “All right, then, I’ll go to Hell,” Huck says when he decides not to return Jim to slavery. Samuel Clemens might be convinced that slavery itself and its legacy are filled with shame, but Huck is convinced that his reward for defying the moral norms of his society will be eternal damnation.

Something new happened in Huck Finn that had never happened in American literature before. It was a book, as many critics have observed, that served as a Declaration of Independence from the genteel English novel tradition. Huckleberry Finn allowed a different kind of writing to happen: a clean, crisp, no-nonsense, earthy vernacular kind of writing that jumped off the printed page with unprecedented immediacy and energy; it was a book that talked. Huck’s voice, combined with Twain’s satiric genius, changed the shape of fiction in America, and African-American voices had a great deal to do with making it what it was. Expose your students to the work of some of Twain’s African-American contemporaries, such as Frederick Douglass, Charles Chesnutt, and Paul Laurence Dunbar. Those voices can greatly enrich students’ understanding of both the issues Huckleberry Finn raises and the vernacular style in which it raises them.” http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/cultureshock/teachers/huck/essay.html and one more link, http://www.novelguide.com/huckleberryfinn/ -pk


~ by seventhperiod on September 12, 2007.

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  1. hey this is awesome pk and totally gives me something to think about. and honestly i believe that the way twain chose to narrate this novel was pure genius, through the eyes of a kid. What age is a person the most easy to understand where they stand in life? a kid, because with them being so young and naive they will tell you anything and be very proud of what they believe. because it is a big world out there and they got to stand up for their little small voice. It amazes me, the more and more i read on this site the more i begin to understand twains way of thinking and the thinking if the american people way back when. like the old cliche, its a real eye-opener.

  2. the age of the person telling the story changes alot… it opens up peoples minds to either remember what it was like to be that ago or to think about how it is going to be… it really shows that twain put alot of thought in to this novel, and also was a genius when making every detail right.

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