Time Huck Finn was written

So i know we already talked about his in class but i keep thinking about the time when H.F. was written.  It’s so true that if it was written at any other time it would not have a reaction like it did.  It was written right before the civil war and emancipation so the issue of slavery was HUGE. It would be like someone in our culture writing a book about illegal immigrants or Islams.  Because we are not surrounded by slavery like Mark Twain was going down the Mississippi, we can not relate, but we can relate to other issues such as abortion or again illegal immigration.  We have to keep in mind that America is not the only nation in the world.  God created EVERYONE for a specific purpose.  I know it’s a bit hard to think about because we’re surrounded by the same people and things everyday, but the next time you go on vacation somewhere think about it…it’s pretty cool!!  Sorry, this is really random! – Ashleigh


~ by seventhperiod on September 11, 2007.

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