Question to contemplate on…

Ok…so the question Mr. Green asked to day in class has kept me thinking about it all day!!

Could it be that God planned something just as significant for me because of the family I have, the place I live, the time I live, and who I am?

Amazing Mr. Green!!



~ by seventhperiod on September 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Question to contemplate on…”

  1. Ya i couldnt stop thinking about it either. But i deffinatly think it is true. we are all here for a purpose and a reason. There are so many things that everyone is going to do in there lives and its all for God’s plan.

  2. um..YES! i completely believe that I was put into my family, my school, my city, my church, my whatever for a reason! And I think that we can start to see those things that God has planned for us to do by what we love to do. I strongly believe that I love theatre because God wants me to do something with that in my futre, to be a disciple of his word with that. And I think that God specifically wanted Mark Twain to write a ficitonal book on huck finn because God knew it was time for a change in the slavery world they lived in.

  3. although god has different plans for us, they are all significant in his eyes. not all of us are going to be a billy graham or a paul, but god has put us in this exact time and place for a specific reason

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