Today in class we talked about Huck and his decision to not nab Jim. And I found it very interesting that We find everything that he does as “morally correct” But the funny thing is that a lot of the things that he did were not actually moral! For example, we cannot say that it is “morally correct” that Huck let Jim travel down the River with him because it was not Huck’s place to decide what was right for Jim, it was the widow Douglas’s. Also It was not Right for Huck to fake his death(even though he was being abused), because Huck used trickery and deceit to get our of a situation witch makes it “morally Incorrect”. There are some things for you to think about! :]



~ by seventhperiod on September 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Huck!”

  1. i think the only reason why we come to the conclusion that it is “morally correct” is because if he hadn’t have done those things, bad things would have continued to happen, and he was only trying to help people more than anything else.
    – Kaci

  2. Ya, i totally agree with what Kaci said, but also these situations fall into that belief that what is right and wrong depends on the situation, but do we as Christians believe that too? How do we knwo what to do in those kind of situations?

  3. i think that while wasnt right lying and disobeying the law he did it for the best of someone…sometimes we go through things that we have to chose the so called right thing to do but sometimes whats right for you is not right in Gods eyes

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