Huck’s education

 Huck Finn had somewhat of an education until he was forced by his father to stop going to school. Although, most of his knowledge was based off of what he learned by his own experiences and not what society taught him. From the beginning the author shows that he’s a very independent boy. He does not rely on the knowledge of others and as time goes on he realizes he needs to find his own way of living. He does not want the life of his father nor the life Miss Watson pursues. As he continues on his adventures he repetitiously questions the morals and standards of which he has been taught. Through his journey with Jim, he matures into an individual with his own way of thinking. He chooses not to fall into the slum of racists but to believe that no human being is higher than another. ~ Caitlin


~ by seventhperiod on September 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Huck’s education”

  1. yeah i agree. huck shows his independent nature from the beginning. tom has to pursuade him to live with the widow douglass instead of living by his own. he always seems to make somewhat good moral decisions on his “adventure” whether it has to do with treating jim like the human being that he is or when he reveals the location of the money to mary jane. – brad

  2. Ya, i agree with yall both have said, but also even though he didn’t like being educated most of the time, he always made the best of the situation and made it fit to the way he wanted it and to way that he would enjoy it.

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