What huck learns Through his adventures!

Huck learns a lot through his adventures! But the Primary thing that he learns is that Jim and all the other black people in the world are actually human beings. He learns that just because they are a different color doesn’t make them any less human. He also realizes that Jim is a very dear friend to him and would be very mornful if anything every happened to him. Huck  realizes it so much that he sacrifices his mortality to make sure that they do not take Jim away from him. You can see this is Chapter 31 where huck is debating with himself to change and dot he right thing about Jim (to either give him up or keep hiding him) and he tries to pray but he doesn’t want to hurt jim so he decides he would rather go to Hell then nab Jim. [chapter 31 “All right then, I’ll go to hell, -then tore it up” page 217]Heather


~ by seventhperiod on September 9, 2007.

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