relationship between Jim and Huck

Not only does he recognize Jim as a person but he is willing to go to Hell over him.  Like when Huck is writing a letter to Mrs. Watson telling her about Jim, he thinks it over and says he’ll just have to go to Hell and he shreds the letter.  People say that laying your life down for another is the highest form of love and friendship, but eternal death over a friend is even higher.  That is probably what Twain is trying to say in that part, that we shouldn’t just observe them as humans but love them as equals and friends.

Devon Finninger


~ by seventhperiod on September 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “relationship between Jim and Huck”

  1. Devon makes an excellent point on this subject for no greater love than this is for one to lay down his life for a friend. In a way you can say that Huck was a Christ-like figure for Jim. Even though Jim never knew that Huck was in this situation.


  2. even though, at the time, people believed that helping to free a slave was a sin punishable by going to hell. i believe huck truly realizes the humanity of jim when jim admits to huck that he is his only friend. – brad

  3. brad makes a great point. huck deciding that he would go to hell for jim is the moral climax. in his heart and in gods eyes it is the right thing to do. yet, to the law is corrupt judgement and not allowed.

  4. this is the moral climax, or the “moral awakening” for Americans -Huck knew he would probably face redemption and persecution but he didn’t care. he felt it was morally the right thing to do. however, it is scripturally wrong – the Bible says to honor your father and mother and not to lie. Huck did both – lied to his father and faked his death by running away. – Ashleigh

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